Are you tired of "making do" with your old cattle equipment? Are you looking for equipment that's easy to use and makes cow work enjoyable?  

Get help finding the equipment that fits your operation from people who work cows every day.  Call or email us to find the equipment that makes cow work easy!

Hydraulic Chutes

SILENCER Hydraulic Chutes can be customized for any need whether its stationary or portable, cow-calf or feedlot, veterinarian or purebred operation.  Take a look at the different models and options to design what you need.

We have new and used chutes available.

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Daniels alleyways are easy to use in the pasture or in a permanent facility.    Check out our pictures and videos to see how you can use one in your operation.

We have new and used alleys available.


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Corrals, Gates, Fence

It's easy to forget about the little things that make cattle work easier - gates that open, fence that's not broken, and pens that are the right size.

Find the gates and fence that you need here.

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Portable Corrals

Rawhide Portable Corrals make working in the pasture that much easier.  No more packing panels and building pens.

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Hydraulic Calf Tables

Tired of tipping that calf table by hand?  Or maybe you don't have enough labor (or young people) for a traditional branding.  Rupp Hydraulic Calf Tables make branding calves easy.

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Good footing in front of and behind the chute makes all the difference. With good chute mats, cattle leave the chute at a walk...not a run. These mats work great on dirt as well as concrete.

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