It may seem like an overwhelming amount of choices but we can help make the process easy.  Give us a call or "chute" us an email and we will walk through the choices with you based on what type of cattle you process, where you work them, and how often.

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Hydraulic Lower SqueezeHydraulically adjusts the floor to accommodate any size of cattle
Rubber Belted LouversRubber louvers on both sides of chute prevents animals from seeing people next to the chute
Rear Walk-Thru DoorsAllows access to the rear of animal in front of the back gate
Additional Neck AccessAllows neck injection access behind the front gate
Rear Frame HookupAllows the alley to sit tight against the alley so that animals cannot get their head out
Standard Stationary Neck BarsStandard bars adjust manually to change the amount of neck injection access in front of the head gate
Hydraulic Head RestraintAllows adjustment of the cows head to one side
Hydraulic Neck Extender BarsHydraulically adjusts to change the depth of the neck bars
Stationary Neck Bars - Cow LengthLonger stationary bars to allow great neck injection access and head control
Dual ControlsFixed controls on both sides of the chute allowing you to work from both sides of the chute
Pivot Controls - Front to BackDrop down pivot arm allows movement of control from front to back of chute
Pivot Controls - Side to SideDrop down pivot arm allows movement of control from right to left side of chute
Adjustable Height ControlsAllows some adjustment of fixed controls up or down to accommodate operator's height
Vertical or Horizontal Split DroppansSplits the droppan into two segments for easier access to the bottom of the animal
Side Exit - Regular Latch or Quick Slam LatchEntire side of chute opens to allow animal exit. Available with a Quick Slam Latch.
Brisket BarBar mounted in the front center of the chute floor. Prevents animal from "going down" on knees
Grooming BarsGrooming bar mounts in side of chute when side exit is open to allow fitting
Dehorner Bar
Hydraulic Leg Puller
Rebar FloorAvailable in heavy duty or commercial models.
Short Yearling SidegatesSidegate is 3.5" lower than standard sidegate to accommodate yearling cattle
6.5HP GAS PUMPStandard gas power unit used for portable chutes
12HP Gas Pump on CartComes with electric start and built in cart
5HP Electric Pump with Bypass220 Volt Electric power unit

Chute Add Ons

Electric WinchPortable ScaleWeigh-Tronix
Tarp RackPlatform ScaleTru-Test
Brisket BarOverhead ScaleTe Pari
Pour On Holder
Vaccine Gun Holders
Extra-Length Hydraulic Hose
110v Power
Chuteside Stand
Coffee Cup/Bottle Holder

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Once you have the options you need it's time to pick your power source and the trailer type (if you need a portable chute).  Click the button to see the available power sources and trailers.  Have questions?  Contact us for more information. 

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