New SILENCER Ranch Wide Body Chute

SILENCER Wide Body CATL Special with Hydraulic Neck Extender Bars


-Wide Body Chute

-Dual Controls

-Dual Walk-through Doors

-Additional Neck Access

-Hydraulic Neck Extender Bars

-Rear Frame Hook Up

Hydraulic Lift Yoke Carriers

hydraulic lift with tarp rack


- Tandem Axle

- No Winch or Lifting Required

- Pump Mount for Easy Transportation

Yoke Carriers

Standard Yoke Trailer for Silencer Hydraulic Chute. Standard length chute with dual controls.

Standard Yoke Carrier - $4429.00

Heavy Duty Yoke Carrier - $5927.00

5 HP Electric Pumps


5HP Pump with Bypass - $2736.00

Gas Pumps


12HP Gas Pump - $3748.00

6HP Gas Pump - $2946.00

Rupp Hydraulic Calf Tables



-Right or Left Side Branding

-Handles up to 300lbs

- Work up to 100 head an hour

Animat Chute Mats

Animat chute mats in the rear portion of a Daniels Alley


*Ask About Pallet Pricing*

-4' x 6'

-Heavy Duty

-Easy to Clean

Tru-Test XRS2 EID Stick Readers



-Handheld EID Reading and Record Keeping

-Bluetooth Capabilities

-Clear, Easy to Use Screen and Keyboard

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