Daniels Double Alleyway

What is a Daniels Alleyway?

Daniels alleys fix the frustrations you have with most alleys.  Automatic back stops let cattle go forward (but not back) without the need to shut a gate or put a bar behind them.  The unique double alley at the back allows cattle to enter side by side.  Easily adjustable height and width makes the alley usable for all sizes of cattle without them turning around or flipping over.  Sliding gates at the front and back of the single alley allow you to use it without a chute.

All of this included with superior craftsmanship makes a virtually silent alley that one person can run front to back with no climbing up and down or opening gates.  The open design allows you to walk by the cattle for the ultimate in low-stress cattle handling.

Daniels Alleyway Models

Portable Models - Gooseneck hitch with quick release latch system and synchronized jacks for easy setup.  Tandem axles that remain on the alleyway during use.  Available with travel lights and panel brackets.  Available with height and width controls on either side.  

    •   32' Portable Double Alleyway - $32,250
    •   38' Portable Double Alleyway - $34,250
    •   44' Portable Double Alleyway - $36,250

Stationary ModelsAvailable as the complete alleyway (single and double alley) or a separate single or double alley unit for customized facilities.  Available with height and width controls on either side. 


Details Make All The Difference

Daniels Alleyways have several details that make them the easiest and quietest to use.

  • Adjustable backstops with rubber bumpers
  • Oil impregnated brass bushings on all moving parts for silent operation
  • Sliding gates at the front and back of the single alley
  • Easily adjustable alley width and height
    • One handed adjustment of width and height at front and rear of alley
    • Alley adjusts from 14"-30"
  • Easy portable setup
    • Alley stays on the axles - no removing prior to use
    • Synchronized jacks
    • Easy unlatch hitch
  • Several options for customized operation
    • Hydraulic conversion 
    • Palpation cage
    • Headgate
    • Back gate for end of double alley
    • Portable bud box
    • Panel brackets
    • Travel lights


See A Daniels Alleyway At Work...

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