SILENCER Hydraulic Chute Models

Ranch Model

Ranch Model SILENCER Hydraulic Chute

Perfect for farming or ranch operations, medium veterinary work, or small to medium feedlots.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty SILENCER Hydraulic Chute

This chute has heavier tubing, sidegates, and floor than the Ranch Model.  It also has quick change roller bearings and replaceable drop bars.  Recommended for heavier use situations.

Commercial Pro

Silencer Hydraulic Chute with Overhead Scale

Recommended for larger feedlots and heavy daily use, this chute has heavier tubing than a Ranch or Heavy Duty Model.


SILENCER MAXX Model Hydraulic Chute

This chute is taller, wider, and heavier than the other three models.  Great for specialty uses like rodeo stock or very large animals.

Standard or Extended Length

SILENCER Hydraulic Chutes are available in standard or extended length models.  The extended length model is approximately 30" longer than the standard model.

Standard Length

Ranch Model Silencer Chute with Hydraulic Neck Extender Bars

Extended Length

Extended Silencer Hydraulic Chute with Te Pari Scale

New Wide Body Option!

SILENCER Chutes have a New Wide Body option.  The Wide Body is wider and longer than the standard chute.  It is available in all of the models (except the MAXX) and in either the standard or extended length.  This is a great option for operations with bigger mature cows and bulls.

Next Steps...

Once you've picked out a model and chute size, it's time to pick out the chute options.  Click the link to see the list of available options and add-ons.  Have some questions?  Send us a message or call to visit.  

Want to play around with the chute options?  Try our SILENCER Chute Worksheet.